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Why We Decided To Make Maple Syrup

It's All About Us! (and of course our maple syrup)

We have once again begun a new and exciting phase in farming here at Cripple Creek Farm in Middleburgh!     A couple of  years ago, we took a seminar on making Maple Syrup with one of our sons and his wife and decided this new adventure was for us! 

After tapping a few trees with tin buckets and plastic jugs and cooking the sap over an open fire we jumped into this maple syrup production with both feet - twelve feet to be exact.  Since then, we purchased a wood fired 2 X 8 foot maple sap evaporator so we can produce larger amounts of maple syrup from the many maple trees on our farm!  

Now that tree tapping season has begun this year for us we have plans to make many gallons of yummy pure maple syrup as a family - the grand kids love it when we tap the trees and just spending so much time together in the woods setting up the taps in the trees, gathering the sap and in the sap house boiling the sap.

We are offering this syrup for sale online abd shipped Priority mail right to your door or here at the farm! Please ask for more information.  We have most sizes and quantities of our delicious pure maple syrup available and we can accommodate special orders to some extent.  

We are finding there are so very many uses for syrup, like on top of pancakes, French toast, over ice cream, on sausage and corn fritters, on biscuits - we even use it in our coffee.  Mmmmmm.

The Maple Syrup Challenge....


The best maple syrup comes from happy trees on our family farm!

Our maple syrup will bring a smile to your face :-)

Try some on your pancakes or waffles or even on oatmeal!

The only way to see that we are right is to order some and taste it!

We put it on biscuits, ice cream, yogurt and it is especially delicious in our coffee - simply amazing.....